About Us

What other lawyers call “practicing law” members of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California know as “practicing justice” and protecting the rights of individuals accused of crime. As a criminal defense attorney, our members stand together for justice. Criminal defense attorneys are a unique breed. For decades, CTLA has been the voice of the criminal defense bar in Northern California, promoting the concerns of lawyers who fight for justice and the clients they represent.

Our Mission

  1. To promote, protect and foster the independence of the criminal defense lawyer, and to improve and foster the quality of the administration of criminal justice, particularly in Northern California.
  2. To enhance the ability of its members to engage in the practice of criminal defense law by promoting their common business interests.
  3. To enhance the ability of its members to preserve Due Process and Equal Protection of the law for all persons, and to discharge their professional responsibilities through educational programs and mutual assistance; and
  4. To defend the rights of persons as guaranteed by the laws of the nation, state and other applicable law.

Public Positions & CTLA Press Releases

  1. CTLA/NC supports California Proposition 34 – Abolishing the Death Penalty in California.
  2. CTLA/NC supports Marijuana Reform.